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To graze, we have extensive selection of cheese and salumi. To Eat, a seasonal Italian themed menu from an open kitchen. To drink, an extensive local, international and funky wine list along with cocktails.. spirits and more.. looked after by our fun-loving service crew in our 1849 heritage-listed stone-masonry workshop.

Parallax | Rich Duck Ragu

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Dine-In Menu (Take-away 20% off)


ROCKET & PARMESEAN SALAD—rocket leaves w fresh shaved parmesan (gf)(v)9
BRUSSEL SPROUTS SALAD  — w baked onion, radicchio & pickled fennel (gf)(v)15
PORK BITES — pork belly w a sweet sticky glaze (gf)16
SALT & PEPPER CALAMARI —tapioca dusted calamari w aioli (gf)16
BURRATA — with heirloom tomatoes, pumpkin puree & roast almonds16


BEEF CASARECCE — chunky beef ragu with fresh casarecce pasta25
DUCK PAPPARDELLE—rich ragu of slow cooked duck picked off the bone25
BEEF TAGLIATA — sliced sirloin fillet with rocket & parmesan25


1. Pick a pasta

Rigatoni, Penne, Fusilli, Orecchiette, Linguini, Gluten Free

2. Pick a base
AMATRICIANA – Spicy tomato sauce with bacon and chili16
CARBONARA – cracked black pepper, bacon in a creamy egg sauce18
VEGETARIAN – broccolini w pea & cauliflower cream, fresh mint & ricotta (v) $1616
MUSHROOM CHICKEN – marinated chicken w roast capsicum in mushroom sauce18
NDUJA – spicy nduja w tomato in a burrata sauce18


Italian Donuts w Nutella12
CURED MEATS & CHEESE  – any selection of meat/cheese—see todays selection on the chalkboard1 choice $17, 2 $20, 3 $25, 4 $30


Limoncello Martini – Tangy limoncello tastefully tamed w Hendricks cucumber gin15 / 49
Espresso Martini – Fresh espresso, coffee liqueur & vodka. It’s coffee, dessert & booze all in one!15 / 49
Negroni – Rhaads speciality of rocket fuel15 / 49
Margarita – Tequila, Cointreau & lime…. need we say more15 / 49


Barbera – Light bodied red with juicy fruit and dusty earthy savoury notes.

Chardonnay – Big, bold and buttery… what else do you want from a chardonnay?31
French Rose – It’s French, it’s pale pink and it’s lush… what else do you need to know? Oi oi29
Grenache – Lighter style red which is plump and juicy… Best described as a pinot on the roids.31
Malbec – Big, juicy and smashable. Anymore questions?29
Montepulciano – Full bodied voluptuous Italian red with a fragrant spicy seductive personality.31
Pecorino – No it’s not a cheese! Textured fruity white with a fuller body and nice nutty after taste31
Pinot Gris – Fruity, easy drinking, hint of floral notes and just smashable. Do we really need more tasting notes?26
Pinot Noir – Light red with cherry and earthy notes. Smooth and easy drinking, a little too easy27
Prosecco – Everyone loves bubbles darling…. no it’s not sweet, it’s refreshing. Bubbles bubbles bubbles21
Riesling – Crisp, dry, fresh and delicious! Zesty and fresh26
Sangiovese – True elegant Italian beauty. Plump and juicy with just a little sassy tannin to put you in your place and want a little more.26
Sauvignon Blanc – Fun, fresh and fruity… not too overpowering in the tropical notes, just enough to imagine yourself on a tropical island being served by a shirtless hot pool boy.26
ShirazBig thicc and juicy… throw in some spice and this will show you a good time23
Vermentino – Dry, crunchy, salty with hints of jasmine… like you have been dumped by a wave in Margaret River and rescued by a mermaid with jasmine perfume on. (I know it’s fake… how could mermaids get hold of jasmine?!)28


Quaffer Wine Bag – 3 bottles of wines you just want to drink now, talk later?50
Quaffer Wine Box – 6 smashable wines to just open and enjoy80
Premium Wine Bag – 3 bottles of wine to enjoy… I mean really enjoy90
Premium Wine Box– 6 wines for all the wine lovers out there. You have good taste110
Connoisseur Wine Bag – 3 bottles of wine that will take you on a journey and let you contemplate all that is life120
Connoisseur Wine Box -Yeah you know your wines and only drink the finest. Here’s 6 to show you a good time150